Metaverse is a speculative future iteration of the Internet, made up of persistent, shared, 3D virtual spaces linked into a perceived virtual universe.[1] The metaverse in a broader sense may not only refer to virtual worlds, but Internet as a whole, including the entire spectrum of augmented reality.[2]

There are many platforms that currently provide virtual 3D experiences. The Metaverse has been in existence for decades, especially through Second Life proprietary software. The Open Source version of Second Life is OpenSimulator. Recent offerings from Meta (Facebook), are mainly commercial services that provide cartoonish environments and avatars, arguably lacking the “reality” offered by Second Life and OpenSimulator.

The Digital Art Gallery is located on a dedicated commercial enterprise OpenSimulator Server on the Dreamland Metaverse.

It is also replicated on Outworldz DreamGrid, an extremely powerful solution available for anyone to run their own OpenSim Server on their own computer. DreamGrid allows not only hosting virtual worlds on your own computer but the ability to create them too. It is an extraordinary project that also provides interconnectivity with other OpenSim Grids via the HyperGrid.

Hypergrid URIRegion NameRegionStatusMetaverse Art GalleryActive 24/7Dreamland Art Gallery CloneIn developmentDreamGrid
TWCThe Wizard’s Crystal GameIn developmentDreamGrid

Virtual Reality Headsets

All three regions noted above can be experienced with Virtual Reality Headsets.

Firestorm VR Mod is a version of the popular Firestorm Viewer for Second Life and OpenSimulator with modifications to provide VR capabilities for VR Head Mounted Displays (HMDs) via SteamVR.

Note: Open up the Assets tag to download the Firestorm VR Installer Setup File