True Colours Game – The Wizard’s Crystal

A True Colours Game is much like everyday life.

In order to win you must compete, but how you wield your power over others and

how you respond when they wield their power over you defines your character – 
your True Colours.

Throughout life we often have constraints imposed upon us. Some rules bring order to chaos while others allow chaos to flourish. It is our behaviour within these simple constraints that defines our character.

In this game, as in life, the cards we are dealt usually allow us to do extraordinary things when we know how to use them. Also different opportunities and more power become available to us as time goes by. How we use the powers we have depends on what it is that we wish to achieve and our actions can be quite revealing, even to ourselves!

What are your True Colours?

What do you do with the cards you are dealt? Do you hold them close, stockpiling precious resources for later use? Do you confidently use what you have according to a plan or boldly take risks? Are you sly and cunning or open and honest in getting what you want?

Playing our cards invariably affects others, especially if there is a common goal. Playing a card may benefit you enormously but it may also adversely effect someone else by playing it? Do you care or would you do anything to win? A played card doesn’t always provide the result we expect either. What do you do when your plans quickly fall apart? What do you do if others gang up against you?

Maybe you can convince others to assist you in your endeavours. Do you openly canvas others and form alliances, even teams, in an effort to win? You can only ever play your own cards in life but that does not stop you trying to persuade others how to play theirs.

Some people bluff and mislead others in order to achieve their objectives. Do white lies and deals with others pave your road to success or are you always sincere, doing only what you have to do to win? Who can you trust? Can you be trusted? If you want to escape Conflict you can often use your powers to reposition yourself relative to others who claim they will leave you alone and not start Conflict when you do so. Can you trust them? Can people trust you not to take advantage of them if they ask you the same favour? Some people must win at any cost. Are you one of them?

There are many things that you can do that may ingratiate you to others or infuriate them. What will you do in order to win? Maybe you don’t want to win yourself at all but merely want to help or even stop someone else doing so. What character will you reveal?

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True Colours is dedicated to all those who are suffering due to the beliefs of others