The ancient alchemists of Atlantis were inspired by a vision of mankind made perfect. In the crater of a dormant volcano was a magnificent garden of red Violets, milk-white Lillies and purple Amaranth, the immortal flower of love. In the centre of the garden was an enormous open air temple.

At the heart of this temple was the exquisite Emerald Tablet – Tabula Smaragdina. Bearing the secret formula for transforming reality its hexagonal crystalline nature was embodied in the enormous gardens that encompassed it – the XTAL Arena.

Pilgrams would gather around the temple to discover their own nature, true only in action amid the source of all creative energy – Love. Enjoying battles for possession of symbolic rings of wisdom, people of all kinds came together in harmony to explore the sharing of knowledge and the nature of Duality and Conflict on a sacred pathway to enlightenment that had no ending.

Legend has it that greed and selfishness were responsible for the disappearance of the sacred Tablet but history records the outcome. The top of the mountain exploded, volcanic ash covering the entire world. The melting of blackened ice caused the seas to rise, drowning the land of Atlantis.

The sacred XTAL arena was gone so pilgrims could only recreate their games of self discovery on small coloured cloth replicas. The practice faded with time but was never forgotten.

Reappearing in Egypt in 330BC, the Emerald Tablet transfixed mankind for hundreds of years before being hidden around 400AD to protect it from religious zealots who were burning libraries around the world at that time.

With the dawning of the new millenium the awesome power of the Emerald Tablet is reaching out from its secret hiding place and forging a transmutation of the mettle of mankind as violence darkens our world. The sublime heat of the soul can change one’s leaden form to that of pure gold, so gather everyone, rejoice again in the company of others and rediscover joyous human interactions.

The power of the Emerald Tablet awaits you – Discover your own True Colours!

“While no direct evidence links the Emerald Tablet to Eastern religions, it shares uncanny similarities in concepts and terminology with Taoism, Hinduism, and Buddhism. In the West, the tablet found a home not only in the pagan tradition but also in all three of the orthodox Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam), and many of the most heretical beliefs of the Gnostics are also openly expressed in it.”    (

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Many years ago, a group of people decided to publish different translations of the Emerald Tablet and various commentaries upon it. 

The group broke up, the work was never finished….