Game Mechanics

True Colours is the fusion of a card game and a “board” game.

By integrating a simple card game and a symmetrical arena design, a game has been developed which possesses far superior mechanics to any that are currently in use.

The game components are simple and consist of a playing arena, 6 player tokens, 6 rings, a die and a deck of playing cards.

Though traditional in format a True Colours game is a fast moving and highly competitive clash between players for six prize rings, employing directly confrontational cardplay on a “battlefield” of striking colours.

Players no longer just roll the die and move incessantly, and laboriously, around a designated pathway, in a strict “one-player-at-a-time/one-step-at-a-time” fashion. Instead, the arena may be likened to a battlefield on which players may effect dramatic changes not only in their own status and position, but also those of their opponents, regularly throughout the entire game.

Competition in the game is direct and players enjoy fast moving, totally absorbing entertainment. Every player remains alert and ready to enter active play at every stage of the game, even if it is not their turn at moving, as players never know when an opponent is likely to suddenly force them into active battle (confrontational cardplay). In fact, it is actually possible for every player to be actively involved in cardplay during any one player’s turn at moving.

Players never feel to be losing as the tables can turn so quickly, and special literary or artistic skills are not required for success in the game. Temporary absences by players during a game do not stall play and no-one is unfairly disadvantaged by them. Late arrivals can join a game at any stage and still have a chance of winning. Though enjoyed by people from age 7 to over 80, its niche lies with the 12-35 year age group.

The total flexibility of True Colours means that players can also modify the rules, if they wish, to suit any particular family situation or personal taste.

The direct competition that brings this game “alive” is not provided, to any comparative degree, for so many players, by any other system of game mechanics on the market today. True Colours possesses features that no other currently available game can even hope to equal and provides entertainment of a quality that leaves all its rivals in the shade. True Colours also demonstrates a degree of expandability that no game known has offered.