THE WIZARD’S CRYSTAL – A Metaverse Virtual Reality Game

A Virtual World Arena
for playing

The Wizard’s Crystal

This is a prototype exploratory project developed
for creating an immersive experience for gameplayers.

Once you have registered an Offical OpenSim Avatar (e.g. DAG Avatar) you can HyperGrid Hop to the following URI.

HyperGrid URI:

DAG on the XTALENT Grid was replicated in 2022 on Outworldz DreamGrid and expanded to feature two public regions.

Enter either one of the two following regions (DAG or TWC) in the Firestorm log-in box:

Hypergrid URLRegion NameRegionStatusMetaverse Art Gallery CloneIn developmentDreamGrid
TWCThe Wizard’s Crystal GameIn developmentDreamGrid

Once you are inworld you can teleport to anywhere on either region via World Map (Ctrl+M).