Get It

There are two ways to get a copy of the True Colours game.

Option 1: Make your own!

Download the graphics files and print out your own playing arena and cards. You will just need to make your own playing tokens (or use pawns from a chess game, coloured), obtain some suitable rings (e.g. washers or rubber o-rings) and a die before you can begin playing.

What are your True Colours? Will you be bothered to make your own game, even when most of the effort is already done for you? There is only one way to find out and that is to place the files up for you and see what happens. If you do feel up to the challenge then either make one for yourself or make one for someone you love. You might be surprised how happy you will make them. After all, it is with love that True Colours is offered freely to you so share with respect. All you need to get you started is click on the Share link.

Option 2: To fulfill an 18 year old dream I finally manufactured 100 games. This was an expensive and time consuming process, especially for such a small production run. Some of these games will be made available for sale to enable me to continue developing True Colours in other formats – e.g. a highly tactile version for blind people would be awesome! 

Since I am allowing everyone to manufacture their own personal copy of the True Colours game using whatever materials they prefer, the version that I will make available for sale is one made to satisfy possibly the highest of expectations – my own. Therefore I have chosen nothing less than to invest in best quality. If you come to share my passion for the True Colours game then I am sure you will love it in the form I have always dreamt it could be. The limited edition games will not be cheap (AUD$120) but I remain confident they will become prized collector items. (I will include a Numbered Certificate acknowledging your support just in case.)  Email me if interested.

It may be a lot of money but considering the quality it really is excellent value:

Fabric Playing Arena:

A truly FAB game you can stash in a small space but wash it if you get it dirty! Digitally printed on Duet Blockout Fabric at 720 DPI by Dye Sublimation Technology, the True Colours playing arena is quite stunning and unique. This luxuriant and thick (250 grams per square metre) Polyester Tri weave fabric is a long life Indoor or Outdoor material. This fabric is certainly tough, having an estimated flying life of 4 – 6 months when used in outdoor displays and flags, yet is soft and fabulous to touch.

Playing Cards:

The cards are printed on the finest playing card stock available. Lifetime plastic coating and elegant lithographic printing ensure a fine, long lasting quality product.

Tokens, Rings and Die:

Gloss finish, injection moulded Styrene based thermoplastic game components are tested to EN71/BS 5665 Toy safety standards and Certificates of Conformance may be supplied upon request.

Solander Box:

Hand-made by a Master Bookbinder, the strong Solander Style Box (or Clam Book) is fully covered in top quality Buckram Bookcloth and beautifully embossed with Gold Foil. These are very limited and not guaranteed to be included in a game set. Be Early!

Always do your Best!