The playing board consists of a coloured pathway which surrounds a six-pointed crystal – The Wizard’s Crystal. The coloured pathway is composed of Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and Violet positions.

Board positions and their function (if any).

Violet – The Violet positions represent Home positions available to players. No two players may have the same Home. The small black triangular area, between the point of the crystal and the Violet position you choose for your Home, is your Storage Area (for rings). At the start of a game, this storage area will contain one of the six rings that everyone will be fighting for. You place this ring over your token and carry it with you when you leave Home with your first die roll. During a game, any rings that you possess are carried on your player token. If, however, you need to temporarily or permanently leave the game, you must place any ring(s) you possess back into your Storage Area. (Your player token remains where it is if you intend to return or is removed from the board if you permanently leave the game.) Any player who lands on a Violet Home position that has a ring or rings in its Storage Area may take them – so it pays to hurry back to the game. If the rings have not been stolen when you return to the game, you may retrieve them from your Storage Area and return them to your token – rejoining play when it is your next turn at rolling the die.

Yellow and Green – It is by landing on a Yellow or Green position as a result of a die roll that you gain more power during a game. Whenever you land on a Yellow or Green position, you alone take one card from the top of the central deck and add it to your existing hand of power cards that you hold concealed from all other players.

NB:  No card is obtained when you land on a Red, Blue or Violet position.  

Red – The Red positions are potential Combat positions. Whenever two players come to occupy Red positions that lie directly opposite each other across the centre of the board, Combat begins. This combat arrangement of players on opposing Red positions may arise through rolling the die or players may use their cards to organise it.

Blue – The Blue positions either side of the Violet Home positions have no special significance – apart from the fact that it can cause you some concern as other players move around the board landing on Yellow and Green positions collecting powers and you keep landing on Blue positions which don’t offer you any extra power.