West Canungra Creek Track

This very steep track leaves the Border Track near Green Mountains and descends past placid Darraboola Falls and some magnificent red cedar trees to Yerralahla (or blue Pool) on West Canungra Creek.

Follow the creek upstream through lush subtropical rainforest, cross Bundoomba Creek, then rock-hop over numerous crossings of Cunungra Creek. Discover Kalgamahla, Goondaree and Yanbacoochie Falls before meeting the end of the Box Forest Track. Continue on to Tollerigumai or Box Log Falls before venturing a little further to the magnificent Elabana Falls and Picnic Rock.

Both Box Forest Track and Toolona Creek Track (featured on other DVDs in the Lamington National Park series) branch off at junctions in this region of the West Canungra Creek Track.

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Featuring Tjupurru on seismic didjeridu (didjeribone)

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