Toolona Creek Track

This track continues on from the West Canungra Creek Track near Box Log Falls and climbs besides Toolona Creek. 

See the beautiful Triple Falls before heading up Toolona Gorge to discover ancient flowering rainforest plants and the stunning Burraboomba and Chalahn Falls. 

The steep climb to the headwaters of Toolona Creek reveals the lovely Yilgahn Falls and the impressive Toolona Falls before the track becomes enveloped in mist.

Ascend into the clouds towards Mt Wanungara, passing large clumps of ancient Antarctic beech trees to connect to the Border Track near the Wanungara Lookout.

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Featuring tjupurru on seismic didjeridu (didjeribone)

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Lamington National Park, Green Mountains Section

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Lamington National Park: Green Mountains section (PDF, 468K)

Indigenous Australia Map

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