Albert River Track

The Albert River Track (11.6 km) branches off the Border Track, 5 km from Green Mountains or 16.4 km from Binna Burra. The track loops around and then follows the Queensland New South Wales border before connecting back with the Border Track just 200 metres from the entrance.

Walk above Black Canyon through ancient Antarctic beech forest and lush Warm Subtropical Rainforest past a series of beautiful waterfalls – Jimbolongerri, Echo, Gurrunngulli, Mirror, Joolbahla, Gwahlahla and Alcheringa – catching a fleeting glimpse of a Lamington Blue Spiny Crayfish and a shy Albert River Lyrebird. This area is noted for its Coachwood trees and diversity of fern life.

Ascend the McPherson Range to the Echo Point bush camping site and Echo Point lookout which provides panoramic views of Mt Wagawn, Mt Durigan and the Tweed Range. Follow the range east along the Queensland-New South Wales border past Mt Cominan before heading north-west to reconnect with the Border Track.

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Lamington National Park, Green Mountains Section

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Lamington National Park: Green Mountains section (PDF, 468K)

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