Mount Hobwee Track

Leave the Border Track 5.4 km from Binna Burra and ascend a track that curves out on a long spur of the Beechmont Range. Orchid Bower and Araucaria Lookout offer spectacular panoramic views of the Mt Warning caldera and the Springbrook Range. Follow the spur back towards Mt Hobwee. The views at Garragoolba Lookout are extraordinary. Even Mt Warning is clearly visible on the horizon, living up to its ancient name of Wollumbin (‘Cloud Catcher’). Warumblebah Lookout offers views over Numinbah Valley while Wagawn, situated right on the Queensland-New South Wales border, offers sweeping views of both Numinbah and Tweed Valleys as they cradle heavy rain clouds. Ascend Mt Hobwee, stopping briefly to enjoy limited views at Darrayabroo lookout. Ancient Antarctic beech trees, remnants of Gondwanan forests, grow in the Cool Temperate Rainforest that exists on Mt. Hobwee. Dacelo lookout offers one last look at the Mt Warning caldera before joining up with the Border Track again near Tuckeroo.

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Lamington National Park, Binna Burra Section

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