Kondalilla and Mapleton Falls National Parks


Part of the traditional lands of the Gubbi Gubbi people, Kondalilla has special significance to Aboriginal people as communities would gather here for the traditional Aboriginal Bunya nut festivals every three years. The spectacular Kondalilla Falls takes its name from the Aboriginal word meaning ‘rushing waters’. From tall open Eucalypt forest, the falls drop 80 metres into the lush subtropical rainforest valley below. Wind your way through picturesque forests of bunya pines,piccabeen palms and pink ash to stand at the pool and head of the falls. Descend through dense rainforest to the base of the towering falls then return to the top again via the circuit track as Wompoo fruit-doves watch from high in the trees above.

Mapleton Falls

The spectacular Mapleton Falls drops abruptly out of sight into thick rainforest and remains elusively out of reach. However, the Wompoo Circuit offers a wonderfully wet winding journey through rainforest and Eucalypt forests to reach Peregrine Lookout, with its stunning view of Obi Obi Valley, before returning to the carpark.

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