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Carnarvon National Park – Mt Moffatt, Ka Ka Mundi and Salvator Rosa Sections

Explore the more remote sections of Carnarvon National Park – Mt Moffatt, Ka Ka Mundi and Salvator Rosa.

Mt Moffatt Section – Discover extraordinary outcrops of stone on the picturesque Circuit Track – The Chimneys, The Duchess, The Tombs and Cathedral Rock all rise abruptly from sandy surrounds.

Travel up through Mahogany Forest (Mythical Origin of the Milky Way) to stand at the Head of Carnarvon Creek.

Enjoy sweeping views over the Consuelo Tablelands before returning to the lowlands to be greeted by Emus on Marlong Plain, unique Aboriginal artwork at Kookaburra Cave and the amazing Marlong Arch and Lot’s Wife.

All campsites are briefly checked too. Ka Ka Mundi – Beautiful Bunbuncundoo Spring offers lush growths of mosses and ferns for the tiny birds and frogs that abound. Go walkabout above the bush campsite to view dry sandy creekbeds full of wildflowers, the solitary and mysterious Mt Mooloolong, and the countless coloured escarpments of this wonderfully austere place.

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Featuring tjupurru on seismic didjeridu (didjeribone)

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