Nightcap National Park

The Birthplace of Forest Activism!

In August 1979 a contingent of 100 police arrived in Terania Creek to ensure a bulldozer could resume work on reopening a logging track to be used by sawmillers.

However, courageous people stood firm in a protest that lasted for over a month, compelled to save a part of the largest single area of subtropical rainforest in Australia, the Big Scrub. In 1979 only 2% of the big scrub remained.

Terania Creek was the first time direct action tactics were used anywhere in the world in the defence of a forest. The image of somebody defying a bull dozer is somewhat cliche these days but in 1979 it was a bold new idea. The scientific debate that ensued had a profound impact on rain forest policy throughout Australia.

Terania Creek was finally protected, becoming part of Nightcap National Park, and its spectacular waterfall was consequently named in honour of the protestors. The fact that average people could protect rainforests rapidly spread hope and activism worldwide.

Discover why Terania Creek is so special in a virtual walkabout that takes you to stand at the base of Protestors Falls – an aboriginal mens’ sacred place and refuge for one of the rarest frogs in Australia, the endangered Fleay’s barred frog.

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