Mount Warning National Park

Climb Mount Warning – Virtually!

As of July 2022 this track is closed due to safety concerns and continued consultation with the Aboriginal community about future management.

World Heritage listed Mount Warning (Wollumbin), situated in far north-eastern New South Wales in the Tweed Valley, is one of Australia’s most biodiverse regions. Wollumbin has been identified as having high erosion hazards for both top soil and sub soil structures.

Wollumbin is so unique that it supports an ecosystem unto its own – no other forest of its kind exists anywhere in the world. It is the last refuge of ancient rainforest from a time when Australia was part of the pre-historic super-continent, Gondwanaland.

Wollumbin (Mount Warning) is on lands of the Bundjalung People who are the Traditional Owners. Wollumbin is a sacred place to the Bundjalung People and visitors are asked to respect the wishes of the Elders and avoid climbing this mountain. Under traditional Bundjalung law, only certain people can climb to the summit of Wollumbin.

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