Virtual Walkabouts

Get away from it all!

The environmentally friendly way to experience some of the World’s most beautiful nature trails.

These multimedia artworks recreate nature walks for viewers as streaming slideshows, featuring hundreds of photographs, accompanied by the wonderful melodies and ongoing urging sound of the didjeribone (slide didjeridu) and Face Bass performed by Tjupurru.

Note: Didjeridu is sometimes spelt didgeridoo, didjeridoo and didgeridu, but the Australian government and all its agencies have formally accepted didjeridu as the correct spelling.

The collection so far visually documents walking tracks in selected Australian National Parks and Nature Reserves, including many amazing walks through World Heritage areas. Often narrow trails traverse very sensitive and fragile areas. Viewers are strongly discouraged from physically visiting these off-the-beaten-track areas themselves, thereby exerting further pressure on them.

Hopefully many folk will be satisfied with an environmentally friendly Virtual Walkabout, especially one free of sunburn, rain, annoying flies, biting midges, blood-sucking leeches, parasitic ticks, poisonous snakes and spiders and stinging trees. I had all that fun!

A Virtual Walkabout is an experience that both the ‘in form’ and infirm can enjoy in a number of ways

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Discover featured National Parks and Wildlife Reserves in New South Wales and Queensland in AUSTRALIA.