Configure Viewer Software


1. Open the Viewer Application Software.

You should see the following opening screen or something similar depending on the current version:

2. Left Mouse Click on Viewer in the TOP LEFT MENU of the opening screen, then select Preferences.

The Preferences Window will open allowing selection of Opensim in the left hand menu column.

3. Configure Grid Manager

Enter the above URI into the Add new grid box as shown in the image below (highlighted in green) then Click on the Apply Button just to the right of this box.

Scroll down the “Manage Grids” list to now select XTALENT, which should have the Login URI you just entered:

You should see minimum details of the XTALENT Grid appear in the bottom panel as shown in the image above (highlighted in yellow).

Left Mouse Click on the OK Button to select the XTALENT Grid.

4. Select Move & View from the Preferences Menu

Select the Movement tab on the Move & View menu options as shown in the image below:

I recommend that all three (3) options highlighted be set (as shown in the image above) to provide a smoother inworld experience, especially for beginners.

5. Left Mouse Click on the OK Button.