There are a number of Museums and Galleries around the World already embracing these emerging technologies.

It is easy to create 3D models for display in the Digital Art Gallery almost immediately. Using a Lidar unit mounted on a camera tripod (JUST $25K on eBay), highly detailed virtual models can be created. Many operators in major cities hire or lease such equipment. Often you can also hire a technician to assist but this is really not necessary as it is just like a digital camera to use.

British Museumhttps://sketchfab.com/britishmuseum/models
Stanford Universityhttp://graphics.stanford.edu/data/
US MILITARYhttps://militarymetaverse.org/
The links provided on this page have been provided by a long standing insider of this emerging on-line industry, Gwenette Writer, who has even been enlisted by the US Military due to her incredible skills. We met on Project MOSES (Military Open-Simulator Enterprise Strategy).

This video made by Gwenette is definitely worth watching to get a true feel of an in-world experience.
It also displays her incredible skills 🙂
Artec3D Modelshttps://www.artec3d.com/3d-models#all
3D Model/Shape Retrieval Datasetshttp://yulanguo.me/dataset.html
Stanford University Modelshttp://graphics.stanford.edu/data/3Dscanrep/