DAG – The Digital Art Gallery

For Artists and Art Lovers

This is a prototype exploratory project developed for creating an immersive experience for visitors to an Art Gallery.


Visitors may explore the Digital Art Gallery (DAG) as an Avatar in a Password Protected Virtual World.
Social distancing is not required “in-world” and you can even FLY.

The Digital Art Gallery is suitable for children.
They must, however, be supervised at all times in real life by an adult.

SIX SIMPLE STEPS TO FOLLOW 1. Select a DAG Avatar and Signup
USE THIS MENU TO LAUNCH EACH STEP2. Confirm your Form Submission
Each step will open in a separate window.
3. Download and Install Firestorm Viewer Software
Close separate window when that step is completed.4. Configure the Firestorm Viewer for DAG
5. Log In to DAG with the Firestorm Viewer
6. Wiki for the Firestorm Viewer