Welcome to XTALENT

This site is a launchpad for a number of diverse passions I now pursue in my spare time. Have a quick look around at what there is on offer.

Virtual Walkaboutsvirtually go on nature walks to beautiful natural places.
Half the fun of going somewhere is the actual journey involved in getting there!
Being disabled or infirm should not preclude you from enjoying some of Australia’s most beautiful nature walks.
A unique experience; no effort required and no other people on the track to spoil the experience. Better still exercise as best you can using the virtual track before you as motivation.
The 2006 Walkabout Series have unique seismic didjeridu soundtracks performed by Tjupurru.

Images An extensive image gallery of things microscopic and macroscopic – See things beyond your wildest imagination and interact with other registered gallery users. Images may also be used free of charge for non-profit purposes, especially the education of young minds.

webEM I spent many years in the Electron Microscopy and Microanalysis Community specialising in live interactive Remote Access Scanning Electron Microscopy.
I have since developed Six Virtual Electron Microscopy Explorations to allow people to go on similar fantastic voyages of discovery using their favourite web browser.
I hope you enjoy and discover much!

The Wizard’s Crystal GameThis True Colours Game will hopefully become a much loved and treasured game around the world.
Make one for yourself for FREE or purchase one of the limited edition collector games.
The latest incarnation is a Virtual World Experience being developed on a firewalled OpenSimulator Enterprise Strategy Grid.

THE WIZARD’S CRYSTAL – A Metaverse Virtual Reality Game

A Virtual World Arena
for playing
The Wizard’s Crystal

This is a prototype exploratory project developed
for creating an immersive experience for Gameplayers of
The Wizard’s Crystal.

Visitors may explore The Wizard’s Crystal Game Arena
as an Avatar in a Password Protected Virtual World.
Social distancing is not required “in-world” and you can even FLY.

The Wizard’s Crystal Game Arena is suitable for children.
They must, however, be supervised at all times in real life by an adult.

SIX SIMPLE STEPS TO FOLLOW 1. Select an Avatar and Signup
USE THIS MENU TO LAUNCH EACH STEP2. Confirm your Form Submission
Each step will open in a separate window.
3. Download and Install Firestorm Viewer Software
Close separate window when that step is completed.4. Configure the Firestorm Viewer for TWC
5. Log In to TWC with the Firestorm Viewer
6. Wiki for the Firestorm Viewer