The Cards and their Powers

Yellow, Green and Blue Conflict Cards

Conflict cards are used by players on opposing Red positions. Failure to play a colour-matching Conflict card or a Void card during Conflict results in the loss of One ring to the opponent who played the unchallenged Yellow, Green or Blue Conflict Card.

Rainbow Card – To Nearest Red or Violet

This card will allow its player to move any player token from its current position to its nearest Violet or Red position (if unoccupied). Note: A player on a Violet position can potentially be moved to either of two Red Conflict positions; or from a Red Conflict position to either of two Violet Home positions.

Red Card – Red to Red

This card allows its player to move any player token from one Red position to any other unoccupied Red position. It’s primary use is to reorganise players into potential Conflict configurations.

Violet Card – Violet to Violet

This card allows its player to move any player token from one Violet position to any other unoccupied Violet position.

Void Card – Cancel Last Card

This card cancels the last power card played. It effectively voids the very last card played and action proceeds as if that card had not been played.

Freeze Card – Protect from Powerplay

This card protects/prohibits any player from any further cardplay until that player has again rolled the die. If used in Conflict, it’s player must colour-match or Void an opponent’s Conflict card before it may be employed. The card may also be used on an opponent to prevent them from playing cards until they have again rolled the die.

Stash Card – Store a Ring

This card allows one ring to be deposited from any player token on a Violet position to its adjacent Stash area (if empty). It can be used to take a ring from an opponent’s token on a Violet position that may be the Home of another player, even your own. Or you can stash one of your own rings and try to win by returning via a die-roll with two more. Note: A ring can only be stolen from Stash by a player who lands on the position via a die-roll, not by cardplay.