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True Colours
The Game

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Make your own Board Game

This game is provided for non-profit personal use only and by downloading or possessing the True Colours graphic files you agree to respect my Intellectual Property. Disrepect may reveal my True Colours!

The image files listed below should be downloaded first. All graphics are high quality and of true size. (N.B. You may get the message "The image cannot be displayed, because it contains errors" if you attempt to open them in some web browsers so open them with a dedicated graphics program instead.)

Cards: I have arranged the cards on each A4 cardset to minimise printing for you. Just print two copies of each of the cardsets to make the full number of cards required. Glue these prints onto thin black cardboard and then cut out the cards. Alternatively, print directly to thick card if your printer can cope.

Arena: The Arena is large and may require you to construct it out of multiple prints. Preferrably output one full size colour print.


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TC_Arena.jpg 490 KB
TC_Cards_1.jpg 196 KB
TC_Cards_2.jpg 247 KB
TC_Cards_3.jpg 159 KB
TC_Cards_4.jpg 106 KB
TC_Cards_5.jpg 168 KB
TC_Cards_6.jpg 165 KB
TC_Cards_7.jpg 114 KB


Tokens, Rings and Die: Most regular players claim that the best "home-made" tokens are two Rhinestones (eg 25mm and 11mm) joined by small metal or plastic tubes (eg. cut plastic pen). Small metal rings (eg. 12 mm brass) sold at Saddlers are also favoured. You probably already have a die, but if not they are cheap to buy. How expensive your game is depends on what you do to construct it. Show your True Colours.

Too lazy to make your own? You can always buy a copy of the one I am manufacturing for sale. Just click on the XTAL icon below to go to the XTAL GAMES online store.

Future Products: Many regular gamers have been quite inventive and their input is supporting further development of the True Colours Game in different formats. Investigations are currently underway for the development of a highly tactile version for visually impaired and blind people, portable electronic and computer software versions, and illuminated stained-glass or mirror-based playing arenas to mention just a few. Feel free to share too if you are so inclined as all gamer contributions will be made available to everyone via this website. An alternative cardset involving a wizard theme is already available for download. Click on the large word SHARE below to discover more.

Should you make your own game I would love a postcard or even a picture of your gamers at play. This game is my 18 year old child leaving home so I am keen to see where it ventures and who it touches. If not, then so be it. What is, is.

If you enjoy the game then consider giving whatever monies you feel you saved by making your own game to a worthy charity such as an AIDS Charity in your part of the World and improve the quality of life for someone else on this planet.

True Colours Logo for your web page link

Would you like to place a link to True Colours on your own web pages?

If you do then add this line to your web page code:

<A HREF=""><IMG SRC=""></A>


Small full colour posters of the True Colours Arena and Love Sigil are also provided to help spread the word on True Colours. Just print out the web pages that the above links send you to. Clicking on the page presented will return you here. Thanks in advance if you choose to display them for me.



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